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1. What customers want | 2. What merchants offer | 3. What customers are ready to pay to get it
Excited for receiving your order but you are not at home to welcome it? Keep relax, earlier this summer french carriers Mondial Relais and Colis Privé have announced their collaboration by associating their delivery service. […]


Average cart amount on french ecommerce market
Average cart amount is dropping by 9,8% compared with August 2017 while number of transactions is increasing by 6,9% over the same period.
What does it mean?
New merchants and big players are transforming the way people shop. […]

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DO IT! Personal development series

Are you doing something at work? (part 2 / 2)
Be there next week for the next “DO IT!” series about competing with yourself
After recording your achievements during a month, it is time to take a step back and analyse if you did well or not.
  1. Did I record my achievements. Keeping a record of your achievements will help you at any moment to answer questions from your team and your boss. Remember this, more confidence in your work = less stress and anxiety. […]

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Are you doing something at work? (part 2 / 2)

Are you doing something at work? (part 2 / 2)