Colis Privé + Mondial Relay. How to increase your delivery rate?

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Excited for receiving your order but you are not at home to welcome it? Keep relax, earlier this summer french carriers Mondial Relais and Colis Privé have announced their collaboration by associating their delivery service. As customers we will have the possibility to reschedule the delivery of our product in a store close to our home, waiting for us til 10 days!
What does it mean?
This collaboration confirms the trend we currently have: consumers expectations regarding delivery have grown. Delivery fees, delivery speed, time slots reservation, changing delivery option after shipping… are becoming a “standard”. Today you and me don’t want to be stuck hours at one place waiting for the delivery guy, for instance 82% wants to pick up their orders from stores, but 50% of retailers do not offer it (study Temando / Research Now).
Why should I care?
For 30% of the companies, issues with delivery have affected their image (study Temando / Research Now), customer loyalty and can inscrease costs (rising returns). On the other hand a positive delivery experience will play a key role to improve your customer lifetime value and customer retention. So it is primordial to define a clear shipping strategy:
  1. First, you have to understand who are your customers, do you deliver more in big cities or in small towns? Do they request alternative shipping methods with your customer service? Do you really need free shipping? You could run a quick survey (for instance for free with Google Forms) to answer these question marks.
  2. Review the delivery options offer with your carriers to complete your shipping strategy.
  3. Add these new options to your online-shop and communicate to your customers (start with the easiest one to add, for instance with a plugin)
  4. Set-up KPIs to analyse and validate your choices.
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1. What customers want | 2. What merchants offer | 3. What customers are ready to pay to get it