What a drop of average cart amount can hide?

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France eCommerce market, August 2018, average cart amount is dropping by 9,8% compared with August 2017 while number of transactions is increasing by 6,9% over the same period.
What does it mean?
New merchants and big players are transforming the way people shop. From La Ruche qui dit Oui” and the delivery of fresh organic food at home at 21h, to “Pime Now by Amazon” and the free delivery of products in the next 2 hours, consumers are unconsciously encouraged to buy less products but more frequently. The normalisation off free shipping and returns, new delivery methods like courier or the choice of delivery slots have also for sure changed the consumption habits.
What should I do if this trend is confirmed?
Predict new consumers behavior is a tricky exercise but having a closer eye on the following services will keep your online-shop one step ahead.
  • decrease the shipping and returns fees and / or offer shipping fees during regular periods.
  • propose shipping methods that make the collect easier for the customers (see also previous post about Mondial Relay + Colis Privé).
  • if you have the right products, create bundle of day to day products or accessories (with a price-slashing policy) and communicate about it on the storefront and with your newsletter. Your customers will be used step by step to buy certain type of products on your online-shop.
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Average cart amount on french ecommerce market
source >  JDN Journal du Net