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Zendesk + Whatsapp. How to stay connected with your customers?

One workspace. More efficient customer service. By integrating Whatsapp on their platform (powered by Smooch), Zendesk offers an awesome opportunity to get closer to your customers without the technical headache. Tracking orders, shipping changes… should be now an easy game 🙂 . […]


Your competitors may not be where you think. According to a Paypal / IPSOS report, UK is the first cross-border destinations for global shoppers in Europe (14%) following by Germany (10% > 1 in 10 of global e-commerce shoppers have bought from Germany). […]

DO IT! Personal development series

Competing against yourself. The web does not miss articles and videos about this subject, explaining with multiple reasons why you do not have to compete with no one else than yourself. When you successfully reach a goal at work or break your marathon record, your motivation speeds up, you raise your personal satisfaction you surprise yourself. But how did you find this starting point?