Zendesk + Whatsapp. How to stay connected with your customers?

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One workspace. More efficient customer service. By integrating Whatsapp on their platform (powered by Smooch), Zendesk offers an awesome opportunity to get closer to your customers without the technical headache. Tracking orders, shipping changes… should be now an easy game 🙂 .

NL3W38 zendesk whatsapp integration

What does it mean?
How frustrating it is when you have no news from customer service after 24h? Yes 24h is a reasonable time but with platforms like Messenger and Whatsapp strongly set in our mind to communicate, we shopers are conditioned to expect fast replies…

More and more businesses are moving from traditionnal channels (email) to instant channels (social media) for improving resolution times. It is time to be proactive and meet your customers where they are.

Why should I care?
Today shopers expect to contact customer service at any time and via the channel which suit the best: a quick one easy to deal with. Social media channels do not have to be considered as an option these days and you have to consider them carefully.

By following these rules:

– Do not manage too many channels. Choose those you are 100% sure you will handle it as a rock star. If you open a live chat support on your online-shop and you are not able to answer within 5min just close it and offer a smoothiest experience by email instead.
– Be clear with your customers when your customer service channels are open (detail availability of each one of them). Your customer service may not be 100% available.
– Have a clear strategy to prioritize customer requests. Unified your customer service channels through one platform and use macros to automatically generate actions (new status, update automatically fields)
– Be close to your customers: avoid to provide a generic response and redirect your customers to the FAQ. Personalize as much as you can your answer. “Bot style” reply is not in our mind, yet.
– Provide an answer to all your customers and not only to the complaints.

It will help you to:

– Reduce the frustration: longer your customers will wait, less they will feel confident to buy.
– Protect your image: a negative customer experience will increase number of bad reviews.
– Increase loyalty: your customers have to know they can purchase with the closed eyes.
– Increase your customer lifetime value with repetitive orders from same customer.


– Zendesk also supports Facebook Messenger
– Other providers supporting Whatsapp: Casengo, Smooch, Sparkcentral