Compete against yourself or others?

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Competing against yourself. The web does not miss articles and videos about this subject, explaining with multiple reasons why you do not have to compete with no one else than yourself. When you successfully reach a goal at work or break your marathon record, your motivation speeds up, you raise your personal satisfaction you surprise yourself. But how did you find this starting point? How did you know that this challenge, this goal may be the right one to compete with yourself?

For a long time I agreed with this approach: “focus on yourself, you get to define your own success; you are building your life not the one of the others”. But more and more I had the feeling that competing with myself was not enough. I needed to find inspiration and motivation from other people, people I like to read or I like to watch every week. So I was wondering, are we all good to compete against ourself? Do we also need to compete against others to find inspiration and motivation? Competing with yourself can be a huge challenge and it is not an easy job for all of us.

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Finding motivation and challenges among other people is for my opinion a component to compete against yourself in the right direction. I want to prove to myself that I can achieve a goal like this person I enjoy to follow and even do better than him / her. Most of the time we follow people because a part of ourself is attracted by these people, we also would like to do something similar of what they are accomplishing. Right? It is first competition against yourself but at the end you want to prove and share what you did. It is the fuel to jump to your next challenge. Never stop.

NOW, your turn to play the game:

1. Draw your inspiration from the people you like, you follow.
2. Set-up your goal to surpass yourself. “Ok buddy I want to build my first Youtube Video in 1 month.”
3. Compete first against your yourself: be focus, doing the drills, step by step, moving in the right direction. You love what you are doing, you are enthousiast.
4. Share what you did, that you are fu***** proud of it. No matters what the others think about it. You competed with yourself and you are now ready to compete with the others, the fuel of your motiviation.

And last but not least. As Gary Vaynerchuck said, do not have any regrets, “You’re gonna die”.