Made.com + Italic.com = How to generate sales with this email

Today let’s have a look at the abandoned cart emails of Made.com and Italic.com online-shops, references in the Ecommerce customer experience.

(load the board right after to see in details the emails)

1. The subject of the email is clearly described, the products are listed and the customer can easily retrieve his basket using the “Finish Shopping” buttons. Don’t hesitate to be original with your content!

Objective: Your customers should be able to easily and quickly find their shopping cart in 1 click.

2. Use “urgency” argument. For example, Made.com removes an item from the list and reminds you that the products are in (very) limited stock. You can also remind that these products are only available for a few hours. 

Objective: create a sense of urgency about products that your customers like and that may be unavailable at any time.

3. Recommend other products.

Objective: to offer alternatives to products that may no longer be suitable for your customer.

4. Last reminder with a special offer, discount voucher or free shipping (to be used in moderation or only with new customers!). You can also highlight your loyalty program.

Objective: eliminate a purchase blocker that could be the price.


1. We would have liked a better highlighting of the re-insurance elements: free delivery and return, customer reviews, how to contact customer service (Made.com however highlights its Klarna payment method and its customer reviews at the bottom of the email).

Objective: you have to make sure that your customer has not abandoned his basket because of a lack of information (returns, payment…) or a technical problem.

2. Don’t hesitate to vary the design of your emails. Here Italic sends almost exactly the same email as the first one.

Objective: to increase your chances to tackle the main blocker by using different arguments about these 3 abandoned cart email reminders.

3. Use an email that your customers can reply to! I still see “noreply@mon-shop.com” too often. The worst thing you can do to your customers.

Objective: don’t give this feeling of closed doors. Your customers should be able to ask you questions, ask for help in any way they want. Especially by email!


Click below to have a look at abandoned cart emails of Made.com and Italic.com!


What you have to keep in mind

Essential for Ecommerce emails, the abandoned cart email have to generate sales that were lost.

Your priority is to recover your customer’s email as soon as possible, there are some best practices to use. 

You must then know how to send your emails at the right time and list which blockers could slow down your customers to buy. Products too expensive? A discount code that doesn’t work? Questions about shipping or return costs?

It’s by clearly answering these questions and playing with sales techniques in each of these emails that you’ll undoubtedly get maximum sales without effort.

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This analysis does not take into account any technical, business or A/B test constraints that Made.com or Italic.com may have performed.