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Shopify + Analytics - 6 Steps to Getting Started Right

You’re all set. You’ve created your shop, sales are coming but you’re missing essential information to properly analyze your sales.
> How can I identify the sources of my sales?
> At what steps on my site do I lose the most customers?

With this tutorial you will properly configure your Shopify store with your Google Analytics account in less than 30 minutes.

Why this tutorial

Your Shopify store is now open, you are sharing it on social networks and sales are coming.


  • But is this investment in advertising is profitable?
  • How can you be sure that you don’t lose 90% of your sales on one of the pages of your website?

You can spend hours working hours on an acquisition campaign that simply won’t convert into new sales.

Above all you will have spent money that will be a loss to your business.

What you’ll learn

Step by step (I record my screen and comment live) we will learn in less than 30min how to properly configure your Shopify store with your Google Analytics account.

  • 5 easy steps to do between your Shopify store and your Google Analytics account
  • How will you be able to analyze the performance of each step of your site
  • Understand which traffic sources perform best

Watch the video

What result

Using this method you can then analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and the performance of your site in a simple way.

  • Which Traffic Source Has The Best Converting Visitors?
  • Which campaigns should I invest more in? Or which one should I stop?

These analyses will give more time to spend on actions that will boost the sales of your online-shop.

This tutorial is for you

This course is for you if you want to set up your Shopify store and Google Analytics account quickly and easily.

You want to be able to analyze reliable statistics on your Analytics from the very beginning and at the same time you want to focus on your business in an efficient way.

You will quickly understand which levers you need to work on in order to boost the sales of your products or services.