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Shopify - Protect your contents from theft in less than 10 min

You spent hours to create your contents that you are proud of and someone could steal it in one click.
> How to protect for free your content from theft?
> What is the best solution to protect your Shopify store?

With this Shopify Tutorial you will learn without any technical how to protect your contents from theft. You deserve it!

Why this tutorial

If you have the goal to provide the best experience to your customers it means that you are creating your content.

You spend time to take pictures of your products and to write a detailed description of what you are selling. You are proud of what you are doing and you want to show.

But the day you will see that someone is stealing your contents and using it on another website I am sure you will not like.

It will demotivate you in an instant.

Fortunately there is an easy to fix that and protect your contents from theft for free and in less than 10min.

What you’ll learn

I will explain to you step by step on video how to protect your contents from theft with a free Shopify app. Your visitors will not be impacted at all.

  • What doest it mean an optimal protection of your contents?
  • What measures should you take to protect your contents?

I will share how to be efficiant to protect the contents you produce in an easy way.

Watch the video

What result

With this tutorial you will be able to protect your contents from theft. From the source code to the protection of your images and texts, you will be confident to put online your most advanced content.

You will also decrease the risk to see duplicated content with other websites and will improve your SEO ranking.

This tutorial is for you

This course is for you if you want to protect your contents in less than 10min and without any technical skills.

Let’s protect for free what you produce. You deserve it!