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Shopify - Change your domain name without crashing

Your Shopify store is ready, you're gonna share it to your customers. But using your own domain will make you much more credible.
> How to configure your domain name right the first time?
> Why use this method to secure your site?

With this tutorial you will set up your Shopify domain name safely and anticipate the takeoff of your business.

Why this tutorial

Choosing the right domain name for your site is certainly one of the most important key points when starting your online business.

Configuring it properly with your Shopify store to avoid unpleasant surprises when your business is about to take off is an essential step.

With a domain name wrongly configured you will take the risk of blocking your business from one day to the next. Panic guaranteed. Without a domain name you’ll just have nothing left.

Your business is down.

What you’ll learn

Step by step we will learn in less than 15min how to properly configure your Shopify domain name so you don’t have to go back to it in 2 months.

  • Why the method we are going to do will secure your Shopify domain name?
  • How to choose the right partners for your domain name?

We will also learn technical skills like how to configure the DNS of a domain name.

Watch the video

What result

With this method you will improve your efficiency as soon as your online business takes off.

You will be able to quickly update the configuration of your domain name to your new needs, for example foremail marketing or customer support services.

This tutorial is for you

This course is for you if you want to configure your Shopify domain name optimally from the start.

By following this method you will not only secure your domain name, but you will also gain in responsiveness and flexibility the day you want to use new services outside of Shopify (e.g. email marketing service).