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Shopify - How to boost your sales with this free App

You have created a special offer that you were proud of but results are not as expected. Your visitors are not using it.
> Why should you use this free app to highlight your special offer?
> What best practises will push your visitors to click on it?

With this tutorial you will learn how to highlight your sales promotions in less than 30min with a free Shopify app.

Why this tutorial

When you create a promotional event that you are proud of, I guess you want to be sure that your visitors will be aware about it.

You can spend time to create your campaign and money in advertising but expected results are not there. 

Your customers have just missed it on your online store.

But there is one easy solution to be sure that 99% your visitors will go through it.

The one we will learn on video with this new tutorial.

What you’ll learn

I will explain to you step by step on video how to install and configure a free app to make sure that your customer will see your promotion.

  • Why should you use this Shopify app and not another one?
  • What best practises to use to push your visitors to click on it?

I will also share with you easy technical knowledge to understand why this Shopify app makes the difference with the others.

Watch the video

Want To Build A Thriving Online Business?

What result

With this method you will definitely highlight your promotional event and improve your conversion rate.

In less than 20min you will be able to configure autonomously a free Shopify app. You will know what best practises to use to increase click rate of your banner.

This tutorial is for you

This course is for you if you have special offers, promotional events that you really want to highlight to your customers.

You don’t want to spend time to search for the best Shopify app. I will share with you the one that you should use first!