Are you doing something at work? (part 1 / 2)

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Part 1: Define your strategy

What did you achieve last week at work? Most of us will take some time before answering, and it’s right. So how to measure efficiently his work done? First choose a service you are already using, this is my tips. If you start to use a new tool like idonethis.comweekdone.com or trello.com you have high chances to not keep it up-to-date. That’s why I personally use the Task tool from the service I eat every day, Gmail. Then start to record your achievements, you will feel rising your level of satisfaction and your motivation to keep going.

NL1W29 DO IT Yes I am doing something at work 1
Activate task tool on Gmail
NL1W29 DO IT Yes I am doing something at work 2
Create your liste
NL1W29 DO IT Yes I am doing something at work 3
Convert your email in a Task done

So to sum up:

  • Create your list on Gmail Task. For instance “My awesome week 30”
  • Add your achievement as soon as you did one. For instance you just received this email “Good job Phil, the new Birthday email is live”. Drag and drop this email to your list or create this task as done to be more clear.
  • That’s it, yes. By doing these 2 steps you already overcome the first hurdle, start to record your achievements. My own rule is clear, do it simple as possible and I will not wast the time I have to dedicate to my work. 

See you next week for the second part, “Keep track and analyse my work”