Creating your online business. Great. But Why?

You are about to start your online business or you have already your activity running for a few months. Well done!

But why did you decide to create an online business? What skills do you need? What’s your end goal?

Do not do same mistakes that most of online businesses repeat every time. There is one recipe to avoid that.

It’s time to discuss and to share with you my 14 years of experience in Ecommerce.


Today the total Ecommerce turnover (per year) is divided like that (source Fevad – France):


Without going to create the next Zappos.com or Nordstrom.com why do some online business manage to pass this $100,000, $1,000,000 turnover barrier?

And above all, how to be profitable? Today “only” 53% of small and medium online-shops are profitable (source Fevad). Maybe you?

What are the secrets to make the right decisions to create the right level of cash flow?


You want to take your online business to the next level. It’s time to  analyze together where you are. Now. Not in 1 year.


You certainly tried these Ecommerce techniques thrown here and there on the web (“Earn $100 000 in less than 30 days!”) but in the end without much success.

Without success because in 90% of the cases the same mistake is made. The mistake that pushed you to go directly to point Z without going through the essential steps of an online business.

You have lost money, spending hours trying to develop an online business while you are still missing the main pieces of the puzzle.

It’s time to see together which techniques will give you the steps you’re missing. The steps that will create value and make your online business profitable and sustainable.


Together we will discuss about:

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My goal is to share a methodology that will give meaning and impact to what you do.

This methodology will be the solution you need if you want to focus on what will work in relation to what you sell and according to the needs of your customers.

Think about working on an online business you are 100% confident that you are moving in the right direction.

Proud to be able to share the positive results of objectives you have achieved.

In short, you want to develop a business that you can’t wait to work on every day!


So shall we start?

Send me your Firstname and your favorite email. It’s time to analyze together your business and to take it to the next level.

Let’s do it now. Not in 1 year.