What is the market share of Amazon and eBay in Germany?

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Why should I care? If you plan to sell your goods in Germany, Amazon and eBay (eBay + eBay Classifieds) are 2 marketplaces you should definitely consider before opening your own German online-shop. For apparel items Otto Market and Zalando Partner Programm could also be added on your list (note that Zalando specification to be partner are high). Expect as well to have a high return rate, at around 40%.

Top of German websites by market share

  1. Amazon: 28,7%
  2. eBay: 22,9%
  3. eBay Classifieds: 14,8%
  4. Wish: 2,6%
  5. AliExpress: 1,3%
  6. Otto: 2,0%
  7. Zalando: 1,3%
source >  EY-Parthenon - Digital Shopping Index 2018