Maison Montagut, Best Packaging?

Today let’s have a look at Maison Montagut online store and its package. How can you make delivery step a key factor to retain your customer? What details will make the difference?


We start with + and – of Maison Montagut package:
(load the board right after to see in details the package)


1. The package personalized with the brand logo. Maison Montagut highlights the high-end and quality of their products.

2. Maison Montagut, who is it? We share brand’s core values, we tell a story to our customers.

3. The gift! You grab the customer’s attention with a surprise and your customer stays in “physical” contact with your brand.

4. The thank-you note. You stay close with your client, you show him attention.

5. The loyalty program. Remind your customer how much they’ve won and how long they can use their points.

6. The bill, a sign of seriousness, you reassure your client again.


1. We could remind more clearly how many points I have earned (my total number of points and its equivalent in €).
Objective: I will be more motivated to buy online.

2. The return of an order could be simplified. We would have liked a pre-printed label already added to the package.

A return should not be considered as a obstacle for an online shop but as an opportunity to better understand the expectations of its customers or problems encountered (e.g. a problem of size).


Click below to have a look at Maison Montagut package in details !


What you have to keep in mind

You’ve won a new client. The real business starts now. You have to retain him!

To me, this is a step not to forget because it is one of the rare times when you are in direct contact with your customers. It is the perfect time to share the messages you want to convey to your customers. Holding something in your hands vs. reading it on a screen doesn’t have the same impact!

Surprise your customers with the details that will make the difference. A personalized message, an unexpected gift… and you will immediately catch the attention of your customers who will surely come back to place an order!



This analysis does not take into account any technical, business or A/B test constraints that Maison Montagut may have performed.