Zalando X Transactional Emails

Today let’s have a look at Zalando.de transactional emails: order confirmation, shipping and refund emails.

We start with + and – of these Zalando transactional emails:
(have a look at the emails right after!)

1. I know the estimated delivery date.

2. I can complete my look based on the items purchased.
Objective: stay connected to the Zalando site and prepare my next purchases.

3. I can cancel my order within one hour. Objective: reassure its customers, “With Zalando I know that I can cancel my order if I am wrong”.

4. I can easily track the delivery of my order.

5. Reminder of items shipped, “I am sure they shipped the right items”.

6. I can easily contact customer service.

7. I know exactly how much will be refunded and by what payment method.

8. Highlighting of items similar to those returned. Objective: to recover a sale following a return 


1. The recommended items do not complement the ones I just bought. “Why to recommend me the same type of items again?”

2. Idea for your website: the tracking of the parcel could have been integrated to the Zalando website instead of being redirected to the carrier’s website.
Objective: keep your customers on your website

3. Although few customers will have noticed it, the design of the refund confirmation email is different from the others. Be consistent in the design of your emails! Your customers should always have the same reference points from one support to another.


Click below to load the board and see Zalando emails!


What you have to keep in mind

Zalando successfully takes up the main codes of a successful communication via these transactional emails. The objective is clear: to give customers trust in the processing of their order.

All these elements of reassurance help to strengthen the trust of your customers and at the same time reduce the number of contacts with your customer service.

In addition to these Zalando emails, what you could do: be more personal to be closer to your customers, by adding more visuals (for example this one) and more texts to highlight the people behind the order preparation.




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