Nike.com – Transactional Emails Examples To Boost Loyalty

Nike transactional emails examples

Today let’s have a look at Nike.com after-sales services with their transactional emails: order and delivery follow-up, satisfaction survey, follow-up of returns and refunds.

I placed my first order on Nike.com 3 months ago and I have since repeated the experience a 2nd and 3rd time.

Why did I do this?

Because Nike.com immediately built trust during my shopping experience. Ok, we can say that buying directly from such a brand we don’t take too much risk, but here Nike does everything so that its customers feel confident during the order process.

And it is this trust, a key factor to increase the conversion and loyalty rate, that led me to renew my purchases on Nike.com. Without looking elsewhere!

So why would Nike be so good with its after-sales services?

We start with + and – of the Nike.com emails:
(load the board right after to see in details the transactional and marketing emails)


1. Each topic has its own email. With Nike you don’t feel lost between these emails. The content is clear, we understand exactly what it is about.

2. The content of the order is clearly highlighted with visuals and key information such as size.

3. We like that Nike wants to learn more about its customers: satisfaction survey about the shopping experience + reviews about the products purchased. I strongly recommend you to do it if you don’t have it yet.

Analyzing the weak points of your online store is an essential step to understand in order to improve your conversion and loyalty rate.

4. It is appreciated to also receive the follow-up email sent from the carrier. It is with this email that your customers will be able to modify the place or date of delivery if necessary. A classic to have on your online store.

5. In case of return and refund, reassure your customers about the time and the amount of the refund is an important point to build  the trust with your customers.


1. Some emails lose consistency (different header and footer on emails 4, 8 and 9 for example). If you don’t have any technical constraints (which is certainly the case here), think about standardizing your branding between your emails.

2. To encourage your customers to write a review about the products they bought or about their buying experience, you can offer a discount (coupon code) for a next order in X days. These reviews will allow you to know your customers better and improve the shopping experience!

3. Nike is brilliant for creating content, we might have liked to see more “branding” visuals in these emails. If you also have brand content, don’t hesitate to add it in these emails.

You will increase your brand’s awareness rate with your customers.


We start with + and – of the Nike.com emails:
(load the board right after to see in details the transactional and marketing emails)


What you have to keep in mind

If you want to optimize your loyalty rate, one of the key factors to contribute to it is the level of trust your customers have to buy on your online store.

When my order is placed, as a customer I want to be informed and know easily:

1. If my order has been well created
2. When my order will be shipped
3. How I can track the delivery of my order
4. How to return an item
5. When and how I will be refunded

Initially, you may not need to do as much as Nike, but if you put these steps in place, your customers will keep in mind that their shopping experience was “stress-free” and confident.

You will have understood that you need to build the trust of your customers and play the transparency card. They will quickly return the favor. That’s for sure.



This analysis does not take into account any technical, business or A/B test constraints that Nike.com may have performed.