Why The Ecomsight?

Since I started my professional career in eCommerce in 2006 I have seen the complexity of the market growing month by month, day by day. We are flooded by new services, technologies so much that we struggle to have a clear strategic vision when we start new projects.

In my hometown Annecy, we reach the summit by snaking in and out the obstacles. We see it from the beginning and we know how to climb it. It is cristal clear. This is the motto I want to share with The Ecomsight: “defining a clear strategic vision is key to achieve your business goals”.

With The Ecomsight I want to give you bright Ecommerce insights for decoding its latest trends and to advise you how to define a clear strategic vision in order to scale your online-shop business.

Challenge accepted? Join now The Ecomsight and have a look on my Instagram, or Linkedin.