Why Ecomsight?

Ecommerce + Insight = Ecomsight

Since I started my professional career in Ecommerce in 2006 I have seen the complexity of the market growing month by month, day by day. We are flooded by new services, technologies so much that we struggle to have a clear strategic vision when we start new projects.

– What does it mean to start an online business? What skills do I need?
– How to choose my Ecommerce tools according to my needs?
– How to define, prioritize and successfully achieve my goals?
– What are the essentials ingredients to scale my business and make it profitable?


In my hometown Annecy in France, before climbing a new summit we analyse first the path, prepare our equipment and drink a cup of Génépi 🙂.

A preparation designed for each of our objectives assure their success.

It’s this motto that I would like to share with you through the Ecomsight program:

“Building and implementing the Ecommerce strategy that suits to you will give you the keys to successfully achieve your goals.”

With the Ecomsight program, I want to share my advice on how to increase your ecommerce skills and make your online store a profitable and sustainable business.

Challenge accepted?

Join the Ecomsight program now.

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