3 NEWS on my radar

1. How Nike online-shop is increasing account creation rate?
That’s what is currently running on! (tested on German website). Shipping fees are known as a main blocker for customers, this option could be a conversion killer: customer account creation and order creation!
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2. What delivery method H&M is testing in Germany?

For 5,99€ customers living in Berlin can now received their items at home between 19h and 22h for orders placed by 10h. […]

3. How far Instagram is overtaking Facebook?

At least regarding ad spend growth. According to a Merkle Report, Instagram ad spend has increased by 177% Y/Y (compared to 40% Y/Y for Facebook) and ad impression have increased by 209%, more than tripling! […]

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What is the market share of Amazon and eBay in Germany?

Why should I care? If you plan to sell your goods in Germany, Amazon and eBay (eBay + eBay Classifieds) are 2 marketplaces you should definitely consider before opening your own German online-shop. […]

DO IT! Personal development series

Are you doing something at work? (part 1 / 2)

Part 1: Define your strategy

What did you achieve last week at work? Most of us will take some time before answering, and it’s right. So how to measure efficiently his work done? First choose a service you are already using, this is my tips. [.,.]

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Are you doing something at work? (part 1 / 2)

Are you doing something at work? (part 1 / 2)